2022-2023 Student Handbook 
    Jan 29, 2023  
2022-2023 Student Handbook

Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety and Security

Coconino Community College is responsible for maintaining a professional and safe environment, conducive to educational pursuits throughout its district. In its commitment to the provision of a secure environment, procedures are established through review of the College Safety and Security Committee regarding dissemination of accurate and timely information concerning individual safety and security in compliance with related federal and state regulations. Security on locations where CCC classes are held is generally available during regularly scheduled classes and lab hours. A Campus Security Report is also available from CCC and may be accessed at the college website. .

You may notice blue poles with blue lights mounted on top in the parking lots at the Lone Tree campus. The blue lights are an added measure of security for students and employees. There is a call button on the pole, which will contact security in case of an emergency. There are also surveillance cameras on top of them.

You are a student at one of the nation’s safest colleges. A Federal mandate, known as the Clery Act, requires the majority of post-secondary educational institutions to collect and publish statistics of a number of crimes that occurred during the previous year. These statistics are also made public at http://www.coconino.edu/security. 

Student ID Cards

Photo student ID cards are provided by Campus Security.  Although the ID card is not generally required to access campus services, it does serve as proof of identity in accessing educational records and other information. Students are issued a “system generated” identification number at the time of initial admissions; social security numbers are NOT used by CCC for student identification purposes.

Parking and Parking Permits

Adequate parking and secure parking lots are established at all CCC campuses and locations. Parking permits are required at the Lone Tree and Fourth Street campuses. The permits regulate access to parking at these locations only. Emergency phones are installed throughout the Lone Tree campus parking lot. Violations of parking and traffic regulations and procedures are subject to fines and disciplinary action.

Lost and Found

Campus Security is responsible for lost and found items at each campus location. Lost or stolen items may also be reported to Campus Security.

Campus Closure Due to Inclement Weather

CCC’s Emergency Operation Plan has a comprehensive emergency notification system (ENS), through which text message alerts may be sent. Contact the security office 928-226-4304 to make sure your cell phone number is enrolled or follow this link to register online: https://www.coconino.edu/rave. The ENS is not generally used for non-emergencies, but it will be used to make notifications about unscheduled campus closures. Students should also check the college website or call 928-527-1222 to confirm campus closures. Additionally, classes held at other facilities such as Northern Arizona University or Flagstaff Unified School District are subject to closure, institutional decisions are based on individual location.

Transportation to the Flagstaff Lone Tree and Fourth Street Campus

The Mountain Line Flagstaff Public Transit System has stops at both the Flagstaff Lone Tree and Fourth Street Campuses. In addition, there is a route that runs between NAU and the Lone Tree Campus, which could serve students who are co-enrolled at both institutions. To find out route and fare information visit this website: https://mountainline.az.gov/