2020-2021 College Catalog_Amended 
    Jun 30, 2022  
2020-2021 College Catalog_Amended [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ENG 101A - College Composition I with Review

Credits: 5
Lab/Lecture: Five lecture.

Requires practice in writing, rhetoric, and reasoning, with emphasis on using the writing process to compose college level essays. This course integrates foundational training in essay development, grammar and writing mechanics into the ENG 101  curriculum. Information: Equivalent to ENG 101 . For students who place into ENG 99  with a Writeplacer score of 4 but believe that with additional instruction they can successfully complete ENG 101 .

Prerequisite(s): *RDG 99  or placement test score(s) beyond RDG prerequisite course(s) and a Writeplacer Score of 4 or above.
General Education: English Composition.