2022-2023 College Catalog 
    Dec 01, 2022  
2022-2023 College Catalog

AJS 216 - Basic Detention Academy

Credits: 13
Lab/Lecture: Thirteen lecture.

Designed to provide entry level training to detention officer staff, meeting Arizona Detention Association standards.
Course Outcomes:
Students will be able to:
  1. describe HIV and how it is transmitted;
  2. describe Hepatitis B and how it is transmitted;
  3. describe what a HIV Antibody test means;
  4. list professional situations that increase risk of Acquiring HIV and Hepatitis B;
  5. describe professional practices that can lessen risk of HIV and Hepatitis B;
  6. list personal behaviors in daily living that increases risk of Acquiring the HIV and Hepatitis B viruses;
  7. describe professional behaviors that can lessen those risks;
  8. list one’s personal responsibility if one is HIV positive;
  9. identify the three (3) “C’s” of Inmate Supervision;
  10. define Supervision;
  11. define Empathy;
  12. list the five (5) inmate tactics which a detention officer should be alert for and prepared to deal with;
  13. list the seven (7) techniques that are considered to have a positive effect on inmate supervision;
  14. list the three (3) results of effective supervision, and ensuring staff security;
  15. list three (3) ways of dealing effectively with inmates in enforcing facility rules;
  16. define the term classification and describe how it is a necessary and valuable part of the jail operations;
  17. list the three (3) most important elements of security;
  18. name four (4) of nine (9) benefits of an effective classification and give examples of the types of inmates who would be assigned to each level;
  19. define special housing and why it is important;
  20. explain the difference between administrative and disciplinary segregation.


This course has additional learning outcomes; please see the course syllabus for a full list of outcomes.

Prerequisite(s): Hired and/or recommended by approved law enforcement or correctional agency.