2023-2024 College Catalog 
    Oct 02, 2023  
2023-2024 College Catalog

AJS 105 - Juvenile Detention Studies

Credits: 3
Lab/Lecture: Three lecture.

Introduction to the field of juvenile detention, including responsibilities and job duties of the detention employee. The course will include both legal and procedural issues in the subject area.
Course Outcomes:
Students will be able to:
  1. identify important historical precedents in Juvenile Detention;
  2. analyze the legal foundation of Juvenile Detention;
  3. analyze the definition of detention;
  4. identify the distinguishing differences developmentally and psychologically between adults and juveniles;
  5. evaluate the legal liability care workers;
  6. create a career development and professional growth plan;
  7. analyze the three critical areas of juvenile detention management;
  8. develop skills in critical information gathering from and about newly admitted juveniles;
  9. analyze juvenile health care issues;
  10. evaluate currently used juvenile detention programs;
  11. develop a usable, sound juvenile detention program plan;
  12. identify effective behavior management principles;
  13. identify behavior observation and recording skills;
  14. analyze mental health problems encountered in juvenile detention;
  15. discuss addressing special concern areas including (a) substance abuse, (b) minority and/or gang concern, (c) suicide assessment and intervention, (d) gender issues, and (e) the management of violence.